Clubs and Associations

Just like sports teams, people crave identification with their club or association.  School-related organizations such as the booster club, PTO, drama club, debate team or other youth program fall into this category.  Or civic organizations such as Rotary, Lions Club, YMCA or service club.  Social clubs of all types.  And also charitable organizations -- United Way, Red Cross, American Heart Association, Cancer Society -- the list goes on and on.

Emblematic jewelry can be used with any of these organizations.  Lapel pins can be used to recognize membership or participation.  From the bright and colorful to the studied elegance of jewelry-quality, lapel pins are very popular.

Medallions and ribbons are used to recognize achievement, contribution or simply to  to heighten awareness of your cause.  People need to be recognized for their efforts in raising money for a worthy program.  And think of the huge number of pins out there promoting cancer or AIDS awareness.