One of the pillars of our company is recognition.  When you want to recognize somebody’s contribution, achievement or longevity, an award is an excellent way to do it.

Presenting someone with an engraved plaque or acrylic award is a very popular way to  recognize a contribution or achievement.  We offer a wide selection of engraved plaques for almost any purpose and to fit any budget.  People crave recognition and having your appreciation displayed on their wall for all to see is very much appreciated.

To reward somebody for placement in a contest, tournament, or sporting event, nothing beats a medal, trophy or award ribbon.  These are all popular items to recognize youth participation in sports, spelling bees, science fairs, and club activities.  Stock award ribbons are very inexpensive and you can have a custom ribbon created especially for your event.  Medals are available in a wide range of styles and are usually hung with a neck ribbon.  Engraving the back or in some cases, the front, adds a personal touch.  Trophies are often used as a place award in many types of contests.  They can range from a simple mounted figure to a multi-tiered four column monument several feet tall.

Click here to link to an online catalog showing a large number of  acrylic awards, corporate awards, medals, ribbons, plaques, and trophies - Rising Stars Catalog

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