Schools and Teachers

Recognition is critical in enhancing the educational process.  Both inside and outside the classroom, recognizing performance and achievement is very important in the development of self esteem.  In addition to providing recognition, simply identifying oneself as part of the group is very important.

We offer a variety of products that are useful for these purposes.  A custom lapel pin is wonderful for identifying the wearer as a member of a school -- whether a student, teacher, parent or administrator.  Or perhaps you are the advisor for a school club or team and wish to recognize the participants.

Teachers find that promotional products imprinted with a special message are very useful for keeping students engaged.  Pencils, pens, rulers, notebooks and planners can all be imprinted to make them unique.

Recognizing achievement is very important.  Making the honor roll, achieving certain test scores, or passing certain milestones are special achievements.  Recognizing your students with a pin to be worn on a shirt, cap or backpack makes it extra special.  Winning the spelling bee or academic competition may merit a special gift or award.

Certain clubs and organizations from the school sometimes travel to other states or geographic areas for tournaments or competitions.  A special lapel pin can be designed and produced to be traded with other teams.  We have provided many pins for Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination.

And let’s not forget promotion.  School or team patches, pins, decals and a variety of promotional products can be used to proudly display your school spirit.  PTO’s and booster clubs are always looking for items to increase support for the school and teams.

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