At GO Recognition Concepts, we have 2 generations of experience in manufacturing emblematic jewelry.  This encompasses a wide variety of products such as lapel pins, charms, medallions, emblems, and belt buckles.  The emblematic category also includes any type of identification product -- name badges, engraved plates, tags, desk and cubicle nameplates and interior signage.

Since each organization is unique, we normally design an item customized for you to convey your special message.  Cost for a custom product varies based on size, design and quantity.  In those cases where you need a relatively small quantity or need it right away, we often can offer a stock item that can meet your requirements.

Lapel pins and charms are a major component of the emblematic category.  Pins are used for a variety of purposes -- recognition, promotion, achievement, membership or as a gift or award.  We can provide medallions using different manufacturing techniques which are popular with schools, teams and nonprofit organizations.  And, we manufacture emblems that are often attached to something else to display your logo -- an adhesive metal decal to add to your company name badge or a colored emblem to affix to a charm, pen, clock or other gift.

We also provide a huge variety of name badges and engraved plates.  Unlike your typical trophy or engraving shop, we have the expertise to offer many, many options so that you can achieve exactly the right effect.  For a one-time event or as an ongoing program, we can create the perfect name badge for you. 

Need to identify machinery or equipment?  We can engrave plastic or metal plates or can mark on a variety of tools.