When you want to recognize somebody’s contribution, achievement or longevity, people normally think of an award.  However, a personalized gift takes your reward to the next level.  Along with a special lapel pin (which we discuss in the emblematic category), gifts are very often used in a length of service or retirement program.  Gifts are typically an item of value that somebody would be proud to display in their home or office.  Typical products include clocks, watches, crystal, desk ornaments, writing instruments, glassware, or statuettes.  Usually they are engraved or etched with a special message.  Oftentimes they include an organization name or logo. 

Gifts are also appropriate as special awards for individual achievement, as a sales award, for example.  They can provide a lasting memory of a special occasion such as a graduation, an anniversary, wedding, birth of a child, a welcome or a farewell.  And of course they can be used to say “thank you” in a very personal way.

For some gift ideas, try this “page-flipper” catalog: