Recognition is an important part of sports and athletics.  Just look at the huge market for merchandise associated with professional sports -- from clothing to novelties to arena name rights and product branding, think of the countless millions of dollars spent in this area.  Why? Because people have a huge need for brand recognition.  The same thing applies to your local athletic team or organization -- whether school-related or independent.  Not only major sports such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey, but let’s not forget other areas of athletic endeavor such as cheerleading, figure skating, golf and lacrosse.

Many emblematic and promotional products are needed in this market.  Display your logo or team name on a pin which can be worn on clothing, team bags or backpacks.  Create a unique pin to trade at an upcoming local or national tournament or competition.  Pass out decals or bumper stickers for display on cars and books.  Many useful products can be imprinted with your team’s message -- sports bottles, duffel bags and totes, stadium cushions, pennants, etc.

And finally, let’s not forget individual recognition.  Trophies signifying participation or a team standings are popular, especially with youth organizations.  Engraved plaques or even gifts can be customized to recognize that special effort or achievement.  We are limited only by our imaginations!

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